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AD Communiqué No. 126 November; 2011 AD the Year Award Winners Announced; PMA/CES in Las Vegas coming soon; New Champion CSS Ink Jet products for Epson* Printers added to offering    
AD Communiqué No. 125 October 2011; The Photochemical Specialists release new and improved formulations on three RA4 products; Are you over invested in underperforming Customers?    
AD Communiqué No. 124 September 2011; New Champion Color Series (CSS) HP Z-6100 Cartridges pricing released; Understanding the right products for Professional (Roller Transport) and Low Volume RA4 Print Processing.    
AD Communiqué No. 123 August 2011; New Champion CSS INKJET Products coming this fall; Providing Sample Products: When is the time to consider samples?    
AD Communiqué No. 122 July 2011, C41 Film Processing volumes, knowing when it is time to rethink your service….; Sales Managers, train your teams to always Get the Facts First (GTFF) before they react.    
AD Communiqué No. 121 June 2011, South Florida Imaging & Champion CSS Inkjet Program – opening new doors and new opportunities.    
AD Communiqué No. 120 May 2011, Champion CSS Inkjet Program – opening new doors and new opportunities; Price increase for photochemicals unavoidable due to continued Raw Material price increases  
AD Communiqué No. 119 April 2011 Special Edition: Remembering a Great Champion - Carl McEwan
AD Communiqué No. 118 April 2011; Calling all Authorized Distributors: Champion Photochemistry needs your help as we plan the second phase of new Inkjet products; Worldwide Raw Material price increases continue to impact production costs for all manufactu
AD Communiqué No. 117 Mar 2011; Champion Photochemistry makes a significant investment in new Inkjet Quality Control Lab in Rochester; Remember to ask the Photochemical Specialists for help when deciding on product substitutions.      
AD Communiqué No. 116 Feb 2011; Champion Photochemistry CSS Inkjet Launch Update. Introductory Promotion for CP CSS Inks expires soon! Reminder: The key selling points for the Champion CSS Inkjet Cartridges      
AD Communiqué No. 115 Jan 2011; Champion Photochemistry releases AD program and pricing for Inkjet Color Specialist Series; Tech Tips: Help is just a click away, 24/7 @