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F4-Mydoneg 100 Dev/Repl.
F10-Film & Paper-AlgaeClear
F12-Film-NatureCare FRC Negative Film Processing
F13-Film-Minilab/Rapid Process/Mydoneg SP HR Dev/Repl.
R-1-NatureCare RA73 Print Dev Repl. (LR Systems)
R10-Paper - RA-4 Professional System    
R12a-Paper - Primaprint SP VR Dev. Repl.RA4 Standard Systems
R14-Paper-RA4 VLR Systems    
R18r1 - Paper - RA-4 Print Chemicals: LORR System
R22a-Paper-NatureCare FRC Universal Print Replacement Cartridge
R22c - Mydoprint FRC Print Replacement Cartridge  
R24-Paper-NatureCare CP LR System
R25-Paper-NatureCare EZC Print Replacement Cartridge
R27-Paper-Mydoprint 2VR Developer Replenisher
R30-Paper-SP47 Print Developer Starter
R31-Paper-RA4 Print Developer Starter
R52-RA-4: Non Standard Processing Applications - 140150/140561/141006