Have you got a question? The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) section listed below may have the answer. If the answer to your question is not included in this section, please feel free to contact our Service Plus Team directly at the email address or phone numbers listed below:

1.  Does Champion Photochemistry products typically emit or produce an odor when in use?

Answer:  We pride ourselves on producing products that are both user and environmentally friendly and produce little or no odor when mixing or in use. Many of our products carry the “AIR” brand which means that we have formulated these products to remove any odor and improve the working environment of lab owners and their customers.

2.  Do I need to change my tank solution if I start using Champion Photochemistry?

Answer: No. Our wide range of photochemical products are the ideal drop-in replacements for all major photochemical brands currently in the marketplace.  Simply use our cross reference guide to find the correct product match and drop-in the Champion products.

3.  How can I get a price list?

Answer: Our pricing structure is always very competitive with other suppliers in the marketplace. To obtain more information about pricing, please contact our Service Plus Department, your local Champion Photochemistry Sales Representative or your local Authorized Distributor of Champion Photochemistry products in your area for more information.  You can email our Service Plus team directly by clicking on the “Service Plus” .

4.  How do I purchase Champion products?
Answer: Contact your local distributor or contact our service plus dept at SvPlus_Asia@championphotochemistry.com, Tel No.: 603-6257-2600 ext.302

5.  I am interested in Champion Photochemistry. Can your chemicals be used in my existing processor?

Answer: Yes. Our chemicals are suitable for use by any film or paper processor in the marketplace and in many instances, they can be used as a direct replacement solution which you can add on top of your existing chemistry.

6.  I live outside Malaysia, how can I order Champion Photochemistry products in my country?

Answer: You can contact our Service Plus Department and we can either put you in touch with a local Authorized Distributor of Champion Photochemistry products in your area, or, if no distributor is available, we would be pleased to process your order via our Service Plus team.

You can email our Service Plus team directly by clicking on the “Service Plus” option on the navigation bar of this website.

7.  What are the advantages of using Champion Photochemistry compared to other brands in the marketplace?

Answer: All Champion Photochemistry products come with value added service. There is a network of Authorized Distributors who sell and support Champion Photochemistry products on an ongoing basis on a local level, as well as Champion’s own team of Photochemical Specialists; who are available either by phone or via email to answer any questions you may have. There is also on-line support available through our website.

All Champion Photochemistry products are designed to be highly cost-effective and competitive when compared to all other major photochemical manufacturers in the marketplace. Great price and technical support from the Photochemical Specialists; provides our customers with a winning combination that other manufacturers just can’t match.

8.  What is the shelf-life, and how do I store Champion Photochemistry?

Answer: Our chemicals have a minimum storage life of at least 12 months when stored in unopened containers under steady temperature conditions of 56° F - 66°F (13°C-18°C). However, as with most photochemicals, storage temperatures below 41.5°F (5°C) should be avoided as some crystallization may occur.

9.  What packaging sizes does your chemistry come in?

Answer: Many of our photochemicals come in various sizes designed to suit your needs. Whether you are a minilab, a wholesale photofinisher or a hospital x-ray department - chances are that we have got a packing format that will meet your requirements.

10.  What types of photochemical products does Champion Photochemistry provide to the marketplace?

Answer: Champion Photochemistry manufactures a complete line of photochemical products for the Photographic, Graphic Arts and X-ray Imaging industries.

11.  Who should use Champion Photochemistry products?

Answer: If you own a minilab, a wholesale photofinishing lab, a professional or commercial lab, or if you process graphic arts film or medical or dental x-rays, we have a chemical processing system to suit your needs.

We currently support customers in all areas of the photographic processing industry, the graphic arts industry and the medical & dental x-ray community including applications in clinics, medical centers, private and government hospitals.
12.  Why should I use Champion Photochemistry?

Answer: With over 60 years experience in the photochemical industry, Champion Photochemistry has earned their long-standing reputation as The Photochemical Specialists. The acquisition of many major photochemical companies such as Albert Chemicals in 1982, May & Baker Ltd. (Rhone-Poulenc) in 1987 and LB Russell Chemicals in 1999 and Eastman Kodak Chemical Division (2006) has added to our broad level of expertise. The foundation of our company is our Three  Pillar Program and our promise is to provide: Great Service, Performance Products and Top Value for our customers at all times.
Asia Service Plus Email: SvPlus_Asia@championphotochemistry.com       
Tel: 60-3-6257-2600 xt. 302